What are your favorite work apps?

We want to hear from you!

What work apps (mobile or web) do you love? Do you use Basecamp to communicate with your team? Do you save all your to dos in Evernote? Is Instagram your secret marketing super weapon?

If you use it at work, we want to know about it!

Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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  1. Arlen Mark Replied

    For managing task I’d suggest you to try proofhub. Proofhub has very accessible price and wide range of features indispensable for a project manager. It’s fully flexible and intuitive.

  2. I’m late to this party, but I love Evernote, oXygen, Transmit (FTP), and Clear (list app). I wrote a blog post about all the things I use to get stuff done at http://www.robincamille.com/2011-08-29-the-setup/ — inspired by http://usesthis.com/, which interviews different movers and shakers about their tech setups!

  3. Devlynn Rodriguez Replied

    I love Programmer’s Notepad. It opens CSVs that are huge and you can select which language you’re using if you use it to code.

  4. Devlynn Rodriguez Replied

    I love Programmer’s Notepad. It opens CSVs that are huge and you can select which language you’re using if you use it to code.

  5. Michael D. Replied

    I use Paymo ( http://www.paymo.biz )to keep track of my time and manage the projects I’m involved in. It’s great if you want to maximize your time. 

  6. Sharon Replied

    Pocket/ReadItLater for Twitter links, Asana for personal project milestones, Evernote for anything from office brainstorming to quick notes about my toddler’s newest word/phrase (but text only! perhaps that’s weird for an Evernote user), Scrivener, oXygen XML Editor, WordPress (but a little Drupal, too).

    • skillcrush Replied

      LOVE that you use Evernote to catalog your family milestones :)

  7. I love, love, love Evernote! I use it to keep track of all of my notes, finances, articles, and brainstorms. Definitely one of the best apps on my computer.

  8. Basecamp has been great for my team. And Hootsuite is the best when it comes to managing our twitter account.

    • skillcrush Replied

      Have you used the new Basecamp? What do you think?

    • skillcrush Replied

      This looks awesome! I have never seen it before, thanks for recommendation!

  9. KSO Replied

    Instapaper for all the great articles I hope to read (some day!) and OneNote for all my great ideas I hope to do (some day!)

  10. scichelli Replied

    ReSharper makes Visual Studio usable. It is the best productivity enhancer for developing .NET applications.

  11. So many apps! My favorite work app is probably Wunderlist. I keep my freelance to do items, my day job tasks, normal stuff like laundry and groceries, my blog editorial calendar, books I want to read… it’s all listed there.

    Other apps I use for work are Box for file sharing, Pivitol tracker for product design and development, Pinterest for saving ideas for later, and Spotify for tunes while I work.

    • skillcrush Replied

      So many apps for to-do lists! Such a simple thing but SO important. Downloading Wunderlist!

  12. Jambers Replied

    GoodNotes for iPad. I can write freehand, type, and highlight all in  multiple colors; insert photos, upload to dropbox or send pages by email, select and move things around on a page. It’s the best note-taking app I’ve found. I use it to take notes in all my meetings, and keep track of my daily to-do’s. And it’s free! :)

  13. Sky Replied

    Pinterest by far. Saving cool pictures I found online to my computer used to take up space. Now Pinterest does it with a click of a button!

  14. Evernote is a great tool – syncs among phone, iPad and computer; takes photos & audio as well as notes and saving PDFs and links. a great tool!

    AudioNote for iPad is also really cool – you can record and type at the same time, then go back to where you were typing to get the audio from that location. Not bad sound quality.

  15. Total Google Docs devotee. Recently been diggin Asana for tasks across groups {its great to walk out of a meeting with all the to-dos assigned and waiting in your inbox}. Yammer for socializing. 

  16. Carol E. Replied

    CardMunch for all biz cards I receive, orderly way to keep up and never type in data. It goes to my Outlook and connects me to them with two quick clicks.

  17. Jess S Replied

    Keeper (password tracker for iPhone/iPad), Notepad++, Google Docs, Dreamweaver

  18. RCAMP Replied

    I use Toggl (http://www.toggl.com) to keep track of tasks and projects that I work on. The graphs in the reports let me see at a glance which projects or clients I’ve spent the most time on in a given week or month. Plus, it makes it easy to generate invoices for billing.

  19. Instagram has been the fastest growing app we’ve used in the social sphere. Doesn’t hurt I’m in complete adoration of it. Also, love Sprout Social for analytics.

  20. isolde100 Replied

    Evernote, BBEdit, PDF Pen, Fantastical, Google Docs, Gmail, Skype, Transmit (FTP application), Tweetie

  21. Avlopent Replied

    Open right now: PHPStorm (JetBrains), iTerm (George Nachman), Transmit (Panic), Flint (Giant Comet), Basecamp/Campfire (37signals), Fluid (Todd Ditchendorf), Photoshop & Illustrator (Adobe)

  22. I use Google Docs for absolutely everything! To Do Lists, Product Specs, Bug Tracking, Financial Projections… Its sort of ridiculous, but true!

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