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Today’s the day YOU start coding!

Download the files, unzip 'em, and get coding.

This week has been HTML Week at Skillcrush. We have introduced you to your new friends HTML and HTML5, and sent you two handcrafted HTML Tag Cheatsheets to get you familiar with all the HTML tags you need to know.

Now it’s time for you to dive into some code, because coding is totally awesome! Don’t believe us? Well, that’s why we asked Audrey here to tell you:

I think it’s absolutely incredible that syntax, brackets, and logic…compiled and shared on the web – are able to save people time, evoke emotion, and connect people. To me, coding is like a new raw material to make products that make the world better and more meaningful. 

You ready? You can do this, we promise!

Below is a link to a downloadable a zip file which includes a sample HTML and a sample HTML5 webpage. Download this baby, open it up, and get coding!

In order to edit the files you will need a text-editor like Notepad++ (PC) or TextWrangler (Mac). Both of those can be downloaded for FREE.

When you are done editing drag your file into your preferred web browser and take a peek.

And if you have ANY questions, we are always here to help: @Skillcrush or hello@skillcrush.com.

Download my HTML & HTML5 files →

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