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All hail JavaScript

If you are going to learn one programming language, we recommend that you learn JavaScript. Find out why.

To all our American readers: Happy Labor Day! We hope you are enjoying a nice day off! For the rest of our readers, spending the day at the office, we put together this special package:

If you are in the market to bet on an Internet programming language stock, I have a hot tip for you: put your money in JavaScript.

JavaScript has improved dramatically in the past few years—with the release of HTML5, the rise of JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js, Ember.js, and Node.js, and the widespread adoption of JSON, JavaScript has never been so popular or so widely used. So Skillcrushers, hear ye, if you are going to learn programming, we recommend that you start with JavaScript.

Get started by learning about JavaScript and its many variations:

All About JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that helps make a web page interactive.

jQuery is a library of preset JavaScript tasks that makes it easy and fast to make your site interactive and fun.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and it’s one common way to pass information from a database to a website.

Node.js is a JavaScript framework that makes it possible to use JavaScript for backend development.

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  1. Michael Rudiger Replied

    Thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

  2. jackiey1966@gmail.com Replied

    I this info is a wonderful foundation…to begin or refresh…..

  3. Harvtronix Replied

    JavaScript is a great language, but things like memory leaks, scope chains, and its loosely-typed nature can get a lot of people (especially those new to programming) into serious trouble. I would have to instead recommend a strongly-typed language as a first language like Python, C, or Java.

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