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Django is a framework that makes it easy to build big, robust web applications in the programming language Python.

Django is a framework that makes it easy to build big, robust web applications in the programming language Python.

Programming language frameworks are super popular on the web. You might remember our past tech terms about Ruby on Rails (a framework for the Ruby), or Twitter Bootstrap (a frontend framework), or Node.js (a JavaScript framework that makes it possible to use JavaScript as a backend programming language).

The way frameworks work, is that they come out of the box with a certain set of standardized features already in place. Backend frameworks often ship with functionality like CRUD (create-read-update-delete) and organization principles like MVC (model-view-controller), so that you can focus on the features and functionality that are unique to your website.

Django was originally created, way back in 2005, by a group of software developers who were in charge of building news focused websites for The World Company, owner of The Lawrence World, a newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas.

Since it’s origins were in content based businesses, Django is especially well suited for content heavy sites. Django, like Rails, is an MVC framework, but unlike Rails, it ships with a built in admin interface that makes it easy for non-developers to accomplish the CRUD tasks that are required for any content based website.

Famous web apps that are built using Django include Disqus, Instagram, and Pinterest. On the content side, PBS.org, The Onion, and The New York Times, are also all Django websites.

Cocktail Party Fact

Can you guess who Django is named after? If you guessed the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, you are absolutely right.

Who said software developers aren’t soulful?

If you are a Ruby developer, never fear! There is a melodic framework for you too. Chuck that silly Rails thing, and opt instead for the crooning Sinatra framework.

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  1. sarah67 Replied

    I was born in Lawrence, KS, wayyy back in 1967…is this a sign I should learn Django?? ;)

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