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Adding new pages to your site

Some of you may be ready to start adding more pages to your site and be confused as to how to do so. Have no fear! Adding new pages to your site is super easy.  Let’s explore.

First, make sure you’ve already got your homepage all set up, named index.html and saved in your project folder. You’ll add additional pages to your site via the steps below and save them along with your index.html file in the same project folder.

STEP 1.  Create a new file in your text editor and save it with a new filename inside your project folder.

For example, let’s say you want a “Work” page for your site. What you can do is:

  • Create a new file in your text editor
  • Name it work.html

  • Save it in your project folder right next to index.html, your homepage.

  • Add a link on your homepage to “work.html” so your users can go back and forth between the two pages.


  • Repeat the above process for every new page you want


Instead of creating new files with your text editor, why not hit SAVE AS on your index.html file and save a new file named work.html?  This is a quick way to avoid having to copy/paste your previous work into new text docs. Repeat as often as necessary with new file names for new pages! (just take a deep breath before saving and make sure you don’t overwrite anything you don’t mean to!)


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  1. Rein1004 Replied

    how do you get help via mightybell. how do you add your class

  2. Julie.Lynn Replied

    I’m confused about the file hierarchy in my text editor. Is the index.html file like the 3-binder and the work.html doc is nested inside the index.html file?

  3. singapoorboy Replied

    HI, I would just like to ask, where do you create documents/folder in creating a website? In your computer or in FTP?

    • Sara Regan Replied

      Hi there singapoorboy,
      They are talking about creating document/folders on your computer, via your Text Editor

  4. Jamie Replied

    Are we supposed to try this, or just read to understand how it works?

    • skillcrush Replied

      Hi, Jamie! You can just read this for now. Then, once you build and launch your own site, you can use these instructions to add pages to it.

  5. Jessica Maurer Replied

    I am a little confused about Notepad ++. I downloaded Notepad but when I tried to save my homepage, I got a message saying that I don’t have permission to save to this location. Should I be saving this to my documents? Also, can you preview your html in Notepad?

    • jessmelvi Replied

      I made a separate folder on my desktop and it worked for me. I just figued out how to see it as a website though:

      Save your text, but you have to save it as an HTML document type (the default is to save as a text file)

      then go to “run” at the top of the text editor and choose a browser to launch it in. (You have to actually have the browser for it to launch of course- I forgot i hadn’t downloaded Firefox onto my computer yet and was going mad for a second lol. ) I just posted that tip on Mightybell, too if you want to see if anyone has responded there.

      Best luck!

    • Rebecca Garcia Replied

      I would suggest downloading a text editor. Also like jessmelvi said do not forget to save your file as an .html or .css file or whatever programming langauge you are using so it is read correctly! Once you have it saved find the file from your Desktop and right click or Crl +click (for Mac) and choose open with (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.). It shoudl open your webpage in the browser and you can preview it.

      Once you have your own webpage set up you can save the files to correspond with your current page.

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