Join us in Malala’s Movement to educate ALL girls

As an organization dedicated to democratizing access to information, critical, digital, job skills, information, you better believe that Malala Yousafzai is one of our heroes here at Skillcrush.

Even before she rose to global prominence in 2012 after surviving a brutal gun attack, Malala had been making waves in her community in Northwestern Pakistan as an outspoken advocate for education for all girls.

Since the attack, Malala has been nominated for an International Children’s Peace Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize, and named by Time Magazine as one of “The 100 Most Influential People of the Year.” But most importantly, Malala has become the international leader of and the namesake of the Malala Movement, a global movement whose primary goal is to ensure that every girl in the world has access to the educational opportunities they deserve.

All this at only 16 years of age!

Today we could not be more pleased to announce the relaunch of The Malala Fund’s website and share with you the behind-the-scenes story of how this website came to be.

What makes this particularly special is that the new site was built as a collaboration between Skillcrush and Barnard students through the Athena Digital Design Agency, with art direction from talented Skillcrush alumni Amanda Conrad.

We are currently in the middle of conducting a five week program where Barnard students are learning digital skills – from user experience design to HTML/CSS – through Skillcrush classes, and immediately putting their skills to use with digital client projects such as re-building The Malala Fund’s website.

In other words, even the creation of Malala’s website was done in the spirit of educating more women and girls. Lead by example, right?

The new site includes a blog with behind-the-scenes articles and opinion pieces from The Malala Fund Executive Director Shiza Shahid and Director of Operations & Communications Eason Jordan.

Please join us in Malala’s Movement to bring education to ALL the women and girls in the world.


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