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Marvel commits to superhero diversity & how you can be a superhero too

It’s all about superheroes for me this week as Marvel leads entertainment news with two incredible announcements. The first is that The Falcon will be the next Captain America. This is great! It’s about time Captain America was diversified on screen, especially because the first (arguably) Captain America was black! Marvel didn’t stop there. In addition to this exciting news, they revealed that the new Thor will be a woman. I could not be more thrilled! I applaud Marvel as it strives to diversify it’s characters and storylines. It’s been a long time coming.

Back on earth, us mere mortals continue our quest to reach the next level of our careers. There’s no doubt that learning technical skills & sharpening your leadership skills is the way forward here, no matter what industry you’re in. To that end, our friends at The Daily Muse shared a great interview with the author of the new book “Executive Presence” and our friends at The Pastry Box talked about trying to be a little better each day instead of worrying about being the best.

I hope this round up of great reads leaves you feeling a little more super this Friday. Because you really are.

“Don’t worry about being the best – worry about making yourself a little better.”  excellent advice via @thepastrybox

Executive Presence: How it Can Make (or Break) Your Career

Marvel Comics Reveals The Falcon is the New Captain America

Marvel’s new Thor will be a woman 

Speaking of gender, did you think Skillcrush was just for gals? Think again! Check out our interview with current student and former USC Trojan Cody Romness. From football to music production to code, Cody is a true renaissance man! We chatted with him about why tech skills are so important: 

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