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How To Make Your Workspace Instagram Worthy

Whether you have an office in a fancy building, a desk you rent or a desk at home, we all need a place where we can be productive and thrive. But like anything, it can take time to figure out exactly what your work space needs. Some people need great light, some people work better when they don’t have a window to distract them, some people need doo-dads all over the desk, some people need absolutely nothing.

A study by OfficeMax found that office clutter undermines productivity and motivation. “Your performance coincides with your workspace,” says Jennie Dede, vice president of recruiting for Adecco. “When it’s organized and precise you have the mindset and motivation to work.” We’re not saying your desk needs to look like a lifestyle blogger’s (and I don’t think they ever sit at them anyway. How could you with all those macaroons everywhere?) but add a little pizazz. It will help you work better!

1. Digitize, digitize, digitize!

Why do you have so many papers? What is this? The 1800s?! If you are drowning in paper work and feel responsible for the depletion of entire forests, convert documents to PDFs and digitally store receipts, business cards, and records in the cloud for easy  access. No one really knows what the cloud is but we know it will make our desks neater. 

2. Ditch the family

One picture frame of the fam or a significant other or your dog is fine, but do you need seven (plus, you know the dog is the cutest)? We get it. You are close. But too many picture frames is too much on a desk, especially a small one.

3. Get some flowers

Now that you have cleared your desk of clutter, you may find it to be a bit desolate. Why not get a small vase with flowers? Just be sure to not let it stay there ’til it is wilting and totally dead.

4. Put up some inspirational art

Yes, it can be a little corny but one of those Etsy prints can not only make your work area look great but also provides you with a daily inspirational reminder. The “Hustle” print I have from Etsy that hangs above my desk reminds me to do just that every day.

5.Go crazy at the container store

Be one of those annoying people and just get all that great organization stuff that you always talk about but never actually buy. It really does help!

6. Use the one-touch rule

Success Magazine suggests using the “one-touch” rule: You are only allowed to touch each document and email only once. After that either store it, trash it or delete it. 

7. Get your App on

There are a number of apps that will help you spruce up your work space. And this isn’t just like getting a cute file box and a new frame, this is like adding better lighting and cutting wood. MagicPlan (Android and iOS) and a number of other apps are super helpful for that. Read this Fast Company article to get the goods.