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7 Apps That Will Help You Budget for Your Business

There is literally an app for everything these days. Some of them are confusing for those of us over the age of 15 (what is the purpose of the Yo app, the most popular one-word app ever?), but some of them are undeniably amazing. Especially when it comes to helping you personally budget as either a freelancer or an entrepreneur trying to launch a small business. Here are some of the best ones.

Easy Books (for iPad)

Easy Books is just a good solid way to help you with accounting. It will help you keep your finances in check, come up with estimates for clients, and create invoices. Plus, it’s FREE!


InDinero is an expense-tracking app that is particularly great for businesses. Upload all your bank account and credit card info and you are good to go. It will organize all your expenses into categories including travel, inventory costs, and insurance expenses.


You deserve to get rewarded when you save money and this app will help you do that! For every purchase you make, a percentage will go into your savings – and you choose that percentage. This is a great way to get that emergency savings fund started. The company claims customers save an average of $205 a month and $2,500 a year. SavedPlus works with over 3,500 U.S. banks, eliminating your excuse not to save.


This is a really useful one for reaching those financial goals. Every time you skip taking a taxi or buying that $5 coffee from Starbucks you can put that money into this earmarked account. Users can earmark up to five goals at a time, and you’re alerted when you’ve set aside enough money for each.


Venmo is the new way to get money to people in a quick, clean, and efficient way. It uses the same technology to pay as LivingSocial, Uber and Airbnb. You can pay with your debit card or transfer funds from a linked bank account, right to a friend’s Venmo account.

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is an especially good one if your work requires a lot of traveling. It works with any currency and lets you separate your travel budget from your day-to-day expenses.


Mint is not just a personal finance app. It is super useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It shows you exactly how you are spending your money every week. Plus it features budget tools so you can find out where you’re leaking money. And because it is linked to your credit and account cards it will tell you when you nearing your limit.