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25 Remote Jobs Hiring Right Now

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The ability to work remotely is one of the key benefits of learning how to program—and with the tech industry leading the way in remote work, there’s no shortage of jobs to be had by coders, developers, visual designers, engineers, and everything in between. Not sure where to look? We’ve got you covered with this roundup of 25 coding and developer jobs hiring right now, whether you’re a junior developer just getting started or have some advanced tech skills up your sleeve. (Pro tip: Interested in the company, but the position isn’t a great fit? Be sure to check out their profile pages to see what other tech position openings they have currently available.) Once you’ve found your ideal job listing, make sure you check out how to nail the remote job interview so you can land that job and get working from wherever you want.

1. Performance Engineer at Paylocity
What they’re looking for: Demonstrated understanding of the HTTP protocol, experience implementing and maintaining performance testing suites, experience with real-time site evaluation tools, understanding of DB bottlenecks and caching infrastructures, and commitment to documentation practices so your code can be consumed in an open source environment.

2. Ruby on Rails Developer at Whitespectre
What they’re looking for: Ability to work within a fast moving team, solve hard business logic with elegant software design, ensure robustness of the system, create defect free code with CI/CD, take ownership of production applications, and occasionally going full stack.

3. Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent
What they’re looking for: Ability to write and contribute modules to creatively solve client problems, proficient writing skills to communicate with clients including site architecture documentation, proven track record of working with Drupal sites, familiarity with Git and Drupal development technologies, and knowledge of Drupal-adjunct technologies such as the LAMP platform, HTML5, CSS3, SASS jQuery, JavaScript, etc.

4. Data Engineer at Dia&Co
What they’re looking for: Development experience with Python, ability to write clear and self-documenting code, a serious (but pragmatic) attitude about TDD, familiarity with a range of modern data stores (Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch), ability to work as a full-stack developer (though you may prefer front end/back end), and a fearless attitude towards some dev-ops work as needed.

5. Solution Architect at Diverse Lynx
What they’re looking for: Ability to work closely with teams to develop RPA solutions, knowledge and ability to create technical solutions for process transformations, strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, ability to manage strict deadlines and perform under pressure, experience in software development and coding in various languages (C#, .NET, Java, etc.), and strong knowledge in any of the workflow systems for example Pega.

6. iOS Engineer at G2i Inc.
What they’re looking for: Overall mobile development experiences (Swift and Obj-C), Swift and Obj-C code samples you can share, fluency in both verbal and written English, and willingness to complete a four to six hour code challenge.

7. Full Stack Developer at hotjar
What they’re looking for: Exceptional and ambitious developers who enjoy working on both front end and back end development, somebody who is passionate about building great online apps, and a developer who loves being part of a team but is also self-motivated and likes the idea of working remotely.

8. Sr. VSOC Analyst at CrowdStrike
What they’re looking for: Capability of completing technical tasks without supervision, strong project management skills, understanding across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, desire to grow and expand both technical and soft skills, and strong project management skills.

9. Developer – Full Stack Ruby on Rails at vMOX
What they’re looking for: A champion of writing excellent code to solve complex business problems and process automation, somebody who is excited about the challenge of creating new integrations with other systems, and the ability to develop front end UX using CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap while delivering the content from MSSQL via Ruby on Rails.

10. Automation Architect at Red Hat
What they’re looking for: Ability to guide the adoption of Ansible in their key enterprise accounts, government agencies, and service provider partners; ability to develop relationships with customer engineering, development, and operations teams by aligning their requirements; and an understanding of network device automation and methodologies, tools, and how they can be applied within an organization.

11. Senior Full Stack Developer at Groove
What they’re looking for: Someone who has been in the trenches and helped grow a B2B SaaS company, a coder, a leader, and someone who can hack with the best of them while still having an appreciation for good design and usability.

12. Web Developer at Treehouse
What they’re looking for: Experience with web development (preferably with Ruby/Rails or in a very similar framework and language such as Python or Django), ability to demonstrate knowledge of advanced CS topics like tasting practices and concurrent programming, and experience in coaching developers in good object-oriented design principles.

13. Front End Developer at Anthem, Inc.
What they’re looking for: Client-side development experience, a strong eye for design and interaction with the ability to seamlessly translate design materials into dynamic web and mobile applications, experience integrating HTML-based content with 3rd party environments, experience with source control (SVN/GIT) and bug tracking systems, and demonstrated ability with HTML5, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, AJAX, and Web Services.

14. Intermediate WordPress Developer at Scopic Software
What they’re looking for: Experience in software development, proficiency with WordPress and Joomla, experience with PHP frameworks, HTML5 and CSS skills, dedication and discipline to work remotely, and strong English reading and writing skills.

15. Senior Javascript Engineer at Merlin Guides
What they’re looking for: Strong JavaScript skills, an understanding of development cycles and ability to improve processes, the ability to develop advanced algorithms to allow Merlin to detect user actions, and the desire to improve the core of Merlin and help as many employees as possible.

16. Lead Back End WordPress Developer at Modern Tribe
What they’re looking for: Strong communications skills, experience working as part of a remote team, strong organizational skills, a methodical approach to all tasks, the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time and complete tasks in a timely manner, and the ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines.

17. Senior White Glove Support Desk Analyst at Conduent
What they’re looking for: IT experience supporting executives at C-level and staff, experience working in a multi-domain environment and Matrix operations environment, Microsoft Office skills, strong communication experience with all levels of management, and intermediate knowledge of TCIP (network), Cisco VPN, Citrix, and O365.

18. AEM/CQ Senior Developer at Twin Technologies, Inc.
What they’re looking for: Extensive experience with AEM forms, DAM, and Workflow; intensive experience working with and delivering custom solutions on the AEM/CQ platform; experience architecting and implementing solutions that leverage the JCR, OSCGi, and Sling; comfortable with multiple front end and back end technologies.

19. Solution Architect at Chef Software
What they’re looking for: Demonstrated experiences and knowledge with one or more cloud platform, recent hands-on experience in systems engineers/administration or software development, understanding of configuration management tools and principles, and ability to work directly with customers and a commitment to their success.

20. Haskell Developer at IOHK
What they’re looking for: Haskell development experience, experience with distributed systems and networks development, experience working with Git and Git workflow, experience with software development methods such as Agile and Test-Drive Development, and knowledge of OCaml/Scala or Java.

21. Test Support Analyst at Amazon
What they’re looking for: Experience doing software QA/UAT in a systems environment, testing experience with SaaS and homegrown proprietary solutions, and the ability to execute corporate-wide initiatives including establishing test plans, developing robust test scenarios, coordinating review and approvals with technical and product team, etc.

22. Junior Engineer at Knack
What they’re looking for: Knowledge of AWS, Node.js, Solr, MongoDB, jQuery, Github, Jenkins, and Ghost Inspector; the ability to contribute to the Knack product, the ability to develop ideas, make suggestions and keep on top of new tech to understand opportunities; and the willingness to work on strategy and technical implementations with the senior engineers and company founders.

23. Senior Research Analyst at Premier Inc.
What they’re looking for: Strong knowledge of Structured Query Language, strong knowledge of SAS programming techniques, expert knowledge and understanding of data/issues and data mining, and excellent data management skills.

24. Webmaster at Mars Reel
What they’re looking for: Someone who can publish content to marsreel.com, experience in WordPress, knowledge of web design software, manage assets that are submitted via contributes, implement strategies to increase online presence, and report web analytics.

25. Implementation Consultant at Pierry, Inc.
What they’re looking for: Ability to act as a client-facing interface for guiding and leading implementations integrating digital marketing, ecommerce, and CRM software platforms; ability to utilize technical capabilities to create digital marketing and data management solutions; and the ability to work with and build complex data structures that integrate digital marketing and CRM platforms.

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Get Our FREE Guide to Landing a Remote Job You Love

Say goodbye to the 9-to-5. Learn the steps you can take TODAY to get a remote job.

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