25+ Microsoft Word Resume Templates (That Don’t Look Like Word)

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Most employers spend a lightning-fast six seconds scanning and assessing potential employees’ resumes, so if you’re ready to start applying for jobs, you’ll need a resume that stands out—something attention-grabbing without being obnoxious and that conveys your professional information with enough personality to be memorable. In other words: you need a creative resume that you can customize to your heart’s content. What if we told you that the answer is a Microsoft Word resume template?

Dubious? Us, too. But whether you’re a design natural or design-challenged, you don’t even need to know how to design a template—cheap and even free Microsoft Word resume templates abound, so there’s no need to spend precious time, energy, or money creating your own. Added bonus: these resumes don’t look like you built them in Word, which is what we all want, right?

Download one of these stellar and (mostly) free templates and make the most of your six seconds with potential employers!

Note: this list of the best resume templates for Word in 2018 has been updated for 2019. You can find even more resume templates for 2019 here

25+ (Mostly) Free Resume Templates You Can Use in Microsoft Word

1. Clean and Modern Resume Template

Creative Resume Template for Microsoft Word (Free)

Pros: This resume template for Word has a minimal aesthetic, is easy to format, and can be repurposed for a cover letter. On our list, this is probably the most universally applicable template design.

Cons: This is a color resume template and features a profile photo (although this feature is removable). For more traditional roles, consider a black and white resume template.

Details: Engaging without being busy, this template has a splash of color on the left hand sidebar to draw readers in. With a mix of fonts and even a “Skills” infographic, this doesn’t look like a Microsoft Word resume template—but it is, it really is. If you need a resume template—any resume template—ASAP, try downloading this resume template now and opening it in Word. Presto—you’re already 80% done.

Download the template here.

2. Black and White Resume Template (Option 1)

Black and White Resume Template, Option 1

Pros: Black and white but still unique, easy to use 2-column design.

Cons: Two column resume templates are great…but you’ll have less room to describe past work experience. This Word template also costs $3 making it pricier than the (mostly) free templates on our list. So pricey.

Details: If you’re nervous about getting too creative with your resume template, this version is for you. Black and white, but with a cool BIG NAME design, this template gives you a little creative edge without taking too many chances. Added bonus: the simple design means it’s one of the easiest to update in Microsoft Word.

Download the template here

3. Black and White Resume Template (Option 2)

Black and White Resume Template for Word, Option 2

Pros: Not your average black and white resume template, this version straddles the line between modern/minimal and cool.

Cons: May not be suitable for more traditional roles / application processes. The $10 price tag is slightly steeper than others on our list.

Details: Dare we call this a hipster resume template? Actually yes, considering those top left mustache and glasses icons (they’re removable, though, for the record). This is a cool resume template for those of us who want something a little more playful.

Download the resume template here

4. Black and White Resume Template with References / Testimonials (Option 3)

Black and White Resume Template for Word, Option 3

Pros: Customizable in Microsoft Word even WITH those visuals. Cool “references” section for roles that benefit them.

Cons:  The visual elements take up a lot of real estate, especially those skills bars.

Details: We think this is a great resume template for web designers, visual designers and other creative tech roles where you can benefit from clients singing you praises (and when your work is more show, don’t tell.) Don’t forget to include your portfolio website URL so that potential employers can dig into your work in more detail.

Download the resume template here

5. Visual Resume Template for Designers


Pros: Unique, highly visual, good for people with unconventional work histories / experience.

Cons: May not be suitable for more traditional roles / application processes

Details: Keep it minimal with this crisp infographic layout, and stand out from the cluttered crowd. Not your average resume—and definitely doesn’t look like it was made in Microsoft Word—but this is a great one for creatives from designers to writers (check out some of our other favorite free creative resume templates for 2019 while you’re here.)

Download the template here.

6. The Cool Resume Template (Maybe Even the Coolest?) 


Pros: Ideal for roles with a lot of moving parts—this is is a great resume template for marketers and content people.

Cons: Because of all the different formats and design elements, this resume template is one of the more complicated to customize and tweak but it’s still a Microsoft Word template!

Details: A slick module design lets you play up other elements beyond work history, and a mix of text and visual designs draws people from one area to the next. It’s also easy to repurpose different areas depending on your role, job goals, and priorities. So yes, this is about as cool as a resume gets.

Download the resume template here.

7. A Fresh Resume Template That Still Feels Professional


Pros: This resume template could not look more professional, courtesy of the pared down navy and goldenrod color scheme, plus the serif font.

Cons: A lot of real estate given to your name, meaning you’ll have to keep your job experience descriptions very short and sweet.

Details: A bold masthead and personalized bio header helps this template make a memorable introduction for you. (Note: this resume is available as an Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign file, but it’s also available as a Word template—so, dealer’s choice.)

Download the template here.

8. Graphic Resume Template for Artists and Creatives


Pros: Unexpected infographic designs, plus an image-based header, make this one of the most visual resumes on our list. Still, it’s a minimal and modern template that’s easy to customize.

Cons: If you’re not interested in a visual header, this resume is probably not the one for you.

 Details: This photo header is crisp, professional, and artistic all at once. Who knew you could include images in a Microsoft Word template?

Download the template here.

9. Bold Pop of Color Resume Template (Customizable!)


Pros: In a sea of other black and white resumes, this resume template is going to attract some notice.

Cons: Not for the feint of heart or for those who don’t like a lot of color.

Details: You can customize the color palette on this template (yes even in Microsoft Word!) to capture your own style and personal aesthetic.

Download the resume template here.

10. Bold + Confident Resume Template


Pros: A minimal, clean resume template with modern fonts and bold hues.

Cons: As always, the more fresh white space in the design, the less room to write.

Details: This resume is bright and sunny—and comes with a cover letter template, too. (Here are some tips on what to write in that splashy cover letter while you’re at it.)

Download the template here.

11. Simple and Clean Resume Template


Keep it lean and green with these chilled-out (but eye-catching) mint headlines. A Microsoft Word resume template for those who love a splash of color.

Download the template here.

12. Creative Resume Template for…Creatives + Entry-Level Tech Jobs


This bright template shows your skills in adorable dot form while still being professional. Great for times when you want to play up the skills you’d bring to the table more than your past work experience (like, say, if you’re switching industries or looking for an entry-level job in tech).

Download the template here.

13. (Another) Black and White Retro Resume Template


Keep your style timeless with this retro-yet-contemporary template. Like all the others on this list, this is a resume template for Microsoft Word (yes, those fonts are available!)

Download the template here.

14. Chronological Resume TemplateClean-Styled-Resume-Pack-Free-Sample-prev01

This crisp, well-appointed template will present your accomplishments in a strong light.

Download the template here.

15. Graphic Resume Template


The noir look of this template adds an air of glamour to your already glamorous skill set and work history, while allowing for client testimonials.

Download the template here.

16. Two-Column Resume Template


Keep your presentation classy and refined with this stately template.

Download the template here.

17. Minimal Resume Template


The simple, modernist look of this template lets employers know you’re ready to get the job done in style.

Download the template here.

18. Dark Resume Template (Option 1)

Dark Resume Template for Word

For when you’ve scrolled through a million black and white resume templates, try this graphite resume template instead. Great for web designers and web developers, or any other role that benefits from a list of skills called out in the sidebar. $9 on Etsy.

Download the resume template here.

19. Dark Resume Template with a Pop of Color (Option 2)

Dark Resume Template for Word

For the bold among us. Or just for us web developers who are feeling a little Star Wars sentimental.

Download the resume template. 

20. Boardroom Professional Resume Template


This is probably the most straightforward of the Microsoft Word resume templates on our list, but a sharp line graphic at the top of this template elevates an otherwise plain design into a stand-out piece of personalized stationery.

Download the template here.

21. Combined CV, Cover Letter, and Resume Template

CV Resume Template for Microsoft Word

This resume template package for Word will give you plenty of bang for your $9 bucks. There’s a CV template, a cover letter template, and a resume template along with included fonts and social icons.

Download the template here.

22. Horizontal Resume Template


Unconventional, unexpected, and cool, this resume template is for all the people who like to think outside of the box (or at least, outside of the standard format).

Download the resume template here. 

22. Resume Template for Digital Marketers

This is actually a template bundle that features a CV, resume, and cover letter template—all of which are, yep, made for Microsoft Word. We think these are especially great resume templates for digital marketers and other non-visual creative types who still want their resume to pop. (And it does pop, courtesy of that bold yellow icon up top.)

Download the resume template here. 

23. Pop of Color Resume Template

Delicate and a little feminine, this resume template is ideal for anyone who feels like the average template feels a little too stuffy.

Download the resume template here. 

24. Jungalow-Inspired Creative Resume Template

Creative Resume Template for Word

Not just for hipster housing, this resume proves you can still be playful, even when job searching. Ideal for creative freelancers, digital marketers, and even graphic or visual designers.

Download the resume template here.

25. Bold Resume Template

This resume template may be built for Microsoft Word but it’s much bolder than your usual .doc. We love it for the “I am here!” header design.

Download the resume template here. 

Bonus: Project Proposal Template for Word

Occasionally, hiring managers or interviewers will ask you to prepare a project proposal as part of the application process. For those moments, we suggest trying something like this.

Download the project proposal template here.

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Get Our FREE Guide to the Perfect Resume

Learn how to write resumes that get you HIRED with our FREE, 30+ page ebook.

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