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How to Build a Flexible Career Around Your Life Webinar Replay

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About the Webinar

Careers don’t follow timelines. They’re full of false starts, forks, zigzags. Life comes at you—starting a family, a layoff, partners getting jobs in new cities, all the unexpected complications—and your career follows where you lead.

That might mean a long career gap or a sudden transition to a new industry. It might mean you need a side hustle. It might mean you don’t know what you need. The point is: the best careers fit into your life and your priorities and they’re flexible enough to accommodate all life’s changes, both expected and unexpected.

In this webinar, we’re delving into building a career around your needs, not the other way around. We’re chatting with guests from InHerSight, a company reviews site specifically for women, and Modern Fertility, a tech startup that allows women to test their fertility from the privacy of home.

You’ll Learn

  • How to find a company that respects your need for flexibility
  • Some of the best workplaces and policies for women and working moms
  • Tips for balancing family and work without sacrificing your career growth (straight from women entrepreneurs who do it!)
  • How to overcome resume gaps and the motherhood penalty
  • How to plan goals that actually fit your work and life


Webinar Guests

Ursula Mead


Ursula Mead is the CEO and co-founder of InHerSight, an anonymous company ratings platform tailored specifically for women, where women have rated the female-friendliness of more than 100,000 companies in the US. At women get an inside look at how companies promote gender equality before they take the job, and they get matched to companies that have what they are looking for. In 2017, InHerSight was named to CNBC’s Upstart 25 list of up and coming companies. Prior to founding InHerSight, Ursula was the VP of Product and Membership at The Motley Fool, where she helped the world invest better.

Carly Leahy


Carly Leahy is the Co-founder and CCO of Modern Fertility. Named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company in Healthcare for 2019, Modern Fertility is a women’s health company focused on making fertility information more accessible for women everywhere. Carly is a brand builder through and through, and has held brand and marketing roles at Google–leading creative for a grassroots initiative to help small businesses succeed online–and Uber, running content and creative strategy for new Uber products like UberEATS and UberHEALTH. At Modern Fertility, she’s focused on making the science of fertility more human and helpful for women everywhere.


tech quiz

Is Tech the Answer for YOUR Career Pivot?

Take Our 3-Minute Quiz to Find Out!