Get Personalized Writing Help from Hemingway Himself

Want to have one of the greatest writers who ever lived at your editorial disposal? There’s an app for that now.

Yes, that’s right. With, a tool that can make any Web user’s writing resemble Ernest Hemingway’s sparse prose, you can have your own angry but brilliant alcoholic in your pocket at all times.

The tool flag adverbs, unclear sentences and uses of passive voice. Basically it leaves you with prose that is direct, simple and gets right to the point so pretty much the essence of a good blog post. Throw in how to use as many cute pictures of animals instead of words, and the entire editorial staff at BuzzFeed will be redundant.

Of course, when Caleb Garling of the San Francisco Chronicle used the app on Hemingway himself, it got a little dark as the app basically found him to be a horrible writer. “Perhaps it’s true that the only true rule of writing is that there are no rules in writing,” Garling wrote.

What this really comes down to is that though it is possible to make a machine into an editor, it won’t necessarily also result in the most creative art. Looks like humans are still good for a few things.